PronPack 1: Pronunciation Workouts

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***** Excellent Resource
This is the best pronunciation book I’ve seen. The way the book is laid out really makes the phonemic sound system easy to understand both for teachers and language learners. The activities are also excellent. I highly recommend this and the other books in the series.
by Danyah.A. 8 April, 2017 on iBooks

***** Fantastic Resource
This excellent book not only provides great ideas for teachers to help develop thier student's pronunciation, but its also invaluable support for the teacher that find teaching pronunciation a little daunting. A well organised book that can be used for developing effective, interesting and fun lessons, and a useful reference for ELT professionals.
by 74 GWR - 30 May, 2017 on iBooks


I would like to buy this ebook, can you tell me how can I buy it.
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Hi Johanna, check out the possibilities here: All the best Mark

I would like to buy this book

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