Pronunciation Games

Pronunciation Games

There are lots of different game types in this book - board games, crossword puzzles, card games, chant games... Why games? I like them because they offer bite-sized challenge. Learning English pronunciation is a challenge in itself, of course, but not one you can take in one sitting.


  • Photocopiable game pages, including puzzles, board games, card games, competitive games, team games, class games...
  • Teacher's notes, including game rules, pronunciation notes, class procedures, answer keys, suggestions for other versions...
  • Coverage of a wide variety of aspects of pronunciation, from individual sounds to word stress to supra-segmentals...
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Pronunciation games: Complex Sound Maze
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The sample lessons show: a maze - a type of puzzle in which the student finds a route from start to finish. They may pass any given word only if it has a certain pronunciation feature. You'll find more examples of this kind of puzzle in the Materials page of this site; a board game, in which students move their pieces across a board according to the stress patterns of the words in each space; and a directions game, where students try to direct a partner to the left or right according to the tonic stress they use.

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