English Result Upper-intermediate

English Result: Upper-intermediate

The tasks, texts and activities in English Result Upper-intermediate have been desgined to take a strong B1-level students to B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR, see mapping document in Resources below for more detail). The Upper-intermediate course provides learners with opportunities to develop their ability to communicate effectively, with greater fluency and confidence. This involves an increased awareness of language, and an ability to control mistakes and deal effectively with misunderstandings.

By the end of the course, learners should be able to understand the main ideas of complex reading and listening texts which are centred around both concrete and abstract topics. They should be able to interact with a degree of sponentaity and fluency, and give clear and detailed presentations on a wide range of subjects. They should be able to write about news and views, including their emotions and personal comments, as well as write detailed texts which involve synthesising and evaluating information and arguments from different sources.

See a video of Mark and Annie introducing this book here.


  • stimulating real-world visuals
  • rich intercultural strand
  • authentic reading and BBC listening texts
  • integrated listening and reading strategies
  • opportunity for student reflection
  • systematic recycling and reviewing
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English Result Upper-intermediate skills lesson 5E
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In Sample Lesson 6A, the attention magnet, from the IPEC classification (interest-personalization-entertainment-challenge) is interest.

Sample Lesson 5E is a listening skills spread, featuring audio input from the BBC.

ER Upper-intermediate CEFR Syllabus Mapping
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