Pen Pictures 2

Pen Pictures: Volume 2

In Pen Pictures 2, pupils use various picture types to help them write a range of different texts, including letters to friends and short stories. There's the one about Bad-luck Bobby, a cartoon story of a young boy who always seems to be having misadventures. What happened to him one morning when he went to the shops just has to be told ...  Try out some material from this book here.

  • A full-colour, highly-illustrated writing course which teaches young learners to develop the skills and strategies involved in the writing process.
  • Practice activities encourage accuracy and creativity.
  • As their confidence increases, learners progress from the production of sentences to paragraphs through more challenging text types.
  • Self-assessment tasks in the 'Review Your Writing' sections and a Student Record Sheet encourage students to review their work and to think about how they can improve their writing.
  • Can be integrated with any course for young learners because the syllabus is based on the sequencing and grading of structures found in most leading coursebooks.
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Super Cinema
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In this lesson, the learners look at adventure film posters, and from these they imagine and narrate the entire plot of the film. The lesson shows learners how to explain the plot of the story following a situation-problem-solution model, and encourages them to build longer sentences. The sample also shows the review activity which the learners are asked to do after writing. The teacher's notes for this lesson are on the page Pen Pictures Teacher's Books.

If you would like to look at the sample lesson more closely, or perhaps try it in a class, you can download the pages here. The two pictures on the left hand page are in separate files in case you would like to project them.
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