PronPack 1-4

Appeared in: 
English Teaching Professional
Review by: 
Steve Hirschhorn
PronPack 1-4 -

Great to see a lovely review of PronPack in English Teaching Professional here, (Issue 113, November 2017, pp. 35, 36) by Steve Hirschhorn in Hungary. Here are a few quotes:
“Given that pronunciation has often been ignored in English language teaching classrooms, these extremely accessible books offer much to the busy teacher by providing engaging, efficient and effective practice activities to delve into, as and when required.”
“four slim, nicely-produced volumes”
“the overview provided is exceptional in content and clarity”
“Topics … are dealt with in fun and interesting ways, using plenty of simple graphics, which provide focus and interest as well as increasing the learner’s awareness.”
“The author goes to great lengths to ensure the books don’t promote or represent a specific accent, but can be adapted or adjusted as needed.”
“As a set of books to support teachers and learners, PronPack must be considered a hugely valuable resource.”

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