English Result Intermediate

English Result: Intermediate

English Result Intermediate is designed to take a strong A2 level learner to B1 or B1+ on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) scales. The core syllabus (see Resources below) covers and goes slightly beyond B1 in terms of tasks, texts and language. A learner at a B1+ level will be quite proficient at performing the communicative Can-do tasks in the lessons. To see how the syllabus relates to the CEFR, go to English Result Elementary CEFR Mapping (see Resources below).

By the end of the course, learners should be able to maintain conversations in a range of contexts, as well as describe experiences, dreams, hopes and ambitions, and narrate events as a linear sequence of events. They will be able to understand straighforward factual written texts on subjects related to their own field of interest and follow the main points of extended discussion and radio news bulletins. They will also be able to write detailed descripions and accounts of experiences, including their feelings and reactions.

  • reassuring How to lessons with clear learning focus
  • practical language outcomes
  • stimulating real-world visuals 
  • five skills syllabus - with spoken interaction and spoken production
  • interaction strategies to keep conversations going
  • integrated functional language, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • rich intercultural strand
  • interesting reading texts which appeal to the student-as-person
  • integrated listening and reading strategies
  • opportunity for student reflection
  • systematic recycling and reviewing
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Intermediate writing lesson 5E
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In Sample Lesson 7B, the attention magnet, from the IPEC classification (interest-personalization-entertainment-challenge) is interest.

You can see the sample teachers pages for this lesson on the English Result Teacher's Books page.

Sample Lesson 5E is a writing lesson. Unlike main lessons A-D, these lessons are only 1 page. The teacher's notes for the lesson are shown alongside it.

Try it in your classes - there is a sample activity from this book under materials.

ER Intermediate CEFR mapping
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