English Result Teacher's Books

English Result Teacher's Books

Each level of English Result is accompanied by a Teacher’s Book which provides full and detailed teaching notes. The procedural notes for each lesson, are ‘book-ended’ by a complete summary of what’s in the lesson, and information for teacher and student self-assessment. There are photocopiable tests and easy-to-follow answer keys for every Student's Book unit. You can find additional speaking and listening unit test materials, along with extra teacher support, at www.oup.com/elt/teacher/result. The Teacher's Book also contains a Teacher's DVD, so you can watch some class material in action and listen to some comments by ourselves.



The Teacher's Book for each level contains a full introduction in which we explain the main features of English Result and our approach and rationale to materials design, motivation and language. We also include a section detailing the comprehensive set of assessment materials relating directly to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels, and where these materials can be located in the various English Result components. See Resources below. 

The notes for each lesson contain: 

  • an Orientation section to help you see, at a glance, what’s involved in the lesson and what the final task involves
  • a table summarising the main language for focus, for recognition purposes only, recycled language and relevant pronunciation points
  • where appropriate, we’ve included Language and Culture notes
  • Preparation offers suggestions on what you could do in advance of the lesson
  • a Warmer, which is just that!
  • extra activities, including those which have been specifically written for students who might need extra help or an extra challenge
  • a Put it al together section for the final lesson task, which includes checklists for monitoring and assessing students’ performance
  • descriptions of performances which you could use if you want to help your students self-assess

The notes for each Unit Review section include

  • an optional warmer which draws on common threads from the lessons in the unit
  • shorter optional warm-up activities for each warmer exercise
  • advice on how to set-up the activities so students can work on their own, in pairs or in small groups
  • answer keys
  • optional follow-up activities which involve students in devising short tasks so they work together more autonomously
  • optional early finishers suggestion focussing on reflection or self-assessment 


Sample pages, click to see larger images: 
Elementary lesson 9D
Further information: 

There is a Teacher's Resource Pack version of the Teacher's Book, which includes all the above, along with the Student's DVD (containing real-world docimentary clips and interviews ti use in class), and a Photocopiable Resource Book (with communicative activities for every main lesson, and worksheets to use with the Student's DVD in class).

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