The No-nonsense Guide to Writing Materials

The No-nonsense Guide to Writing Materials -

This book is a collection of chapters on different aspects of the ELT writing profession. It has been made freely available online, with its own dedicated website here.

"And so, for all of you who want to become (or continue to be) writers of ELT material, this collection of articles provides a one-stop resource of information about what you need to be able to do, what to be careful about, and how to enjoy it."

Jeremy Harmer
Mark Hancock
Simon Greenall
Fiona Mauchline
Damian Williams
John Hughes
Steve Elsworth
Lindsay Clandfield
Antonia Clare
Rachael Roberts

Lindsay Clandfield (Project leader)
Fiona Mauchline
Jill Florent
Ceri Jones

Book and Web Design:
Gavin Dudeney
Cecilia Lemos
DJ Rogers

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