English Result Pre-intermediate

English Result: Pre-intermediate

The tasks, texts and language focus in English Result Pre-intermediate have been desgined to take a strong A1-level students to A2+ on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). You can see the core syllabus and CEFR mapping in Resources below. The pre-intermediate course provides learners with more opportunities to develop their ability to use language in a variety of contexts and become more active participants in conversation.

By the end of the course, learners should be able to confidentally understand and use language in familiar and routine situations, asking and answering questions as well as exchanging ideas and information on topics of interest. When it comes to reading, learners will be able to understand concrete information in a range of texts (for example, a magazine article, an advertising leaflet, a description of a process). They will be able to follow conversations and understand key words and the main points in recorded messages and announcements, and use connectors to link and join sentences when they write about everyday aspects of their life and environment in letters, emails and descriptions.

  • reassuring How to lessons with clear learning focus
  • practical language outcomes 
  • five skills syllabus - with spoken interaction and spoken production from the beginning
  • interaction strategies to keep conversations going
  • integrated functional language, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • supported final productive tasks to drive success-orientation
  • interesting reading texts which appeal to the student-as-person
  • opportunity for student reflection
  • systematic recycling and reviewing
Sample pages, click to see larger images: 
English Result Pre-intermediate writing lesson 9E
Further information: 

In Sample Lesson 11C, the attention magnet, from the IPEC classification (interest-personalization-entertainment-challenge) is personalization. If you'd like to try the reading text activity in class, you can find it under Head or Heart? in the Materials section.

Sample Lesson 9E is a writing lesson, the slide shows the students page on the left and the teachers page on the right.

ER Pre-intermediate CEFR mapping document
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