English Result Elementary

English Result: Elementary

English Result Elementary is designed to take a false beginner to A1 or A1+ on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) scales. The core syllabus (see Resources below), covers and goes slightly beyond A1 in terms of tasks, texts and language. A learner at an A1+ level will be quite proficient at performing the communicative Can-do tasks in the leasons. To see how the syllabus draws on the CEFR, go to English Result Elementary CEFR Mapping (see Resources below).

By the end of the course, learners should be able to understand and use everyday expressions, and ask and answer questions about personal details. They will be able to understand short, simple written texts (for example, postcards, informational material, directions and short descriptions) and follow speech and understand instructions. They will be able to ask for and pass on personal details in written form, complete personal information on a form and write a short text about their actions and hobbies.    

  • How to lessons with clear learning focus
  • practical language outcomes 
  • five skills syllabus - with spoken interaction and spoken production from the beginning
  • integrated functional language, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • supported final productive tasks to drive success-orientation
  • opportunity for student reflection
  • systematic recycling and reviewing
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Students book - sample two
Further information: 

In Sample Lesson 9D, the attention magnet, from the IPEC classification (interest-personalization-entertainment-challenge) is entertainment - through the wordplay of the poem and through the narrative of the story it tells. The language for the lesson is contextualized as telling a story. The language input is simple past, focussed on regular verbs in the affirmative, leaving other forms till later lessons. See the activity Nightmare Hotel, in Materials, if you'd like to try out using the poem for this lesson in the classroom.

In Sample Lesson 10A, the attention magnet is challenge. The attention magnet on the left-hand page is evidence. The students have to exercise their powers of deduction to work out what the character Ana did, based on the receipts and other items in the picture. The language for the lesson is contextualized within the ability to continue a conversation. The language focus is questions in the past simple, used by a listener to show interest and prompt the speaker to go on. See the activity Ana's Bag, in Materials, if you'd like to try out using the picture for this lesson in the classroom.

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