English Result Elementary Teacher's Book

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I have used English Result (Elementary) throughout this summer, and find it has many virtues. It is beautifully, lavishly produced, and in an era of bland look alike materials, this is a major plus point; the interleaving of the material/strategies within the teacher's book is skilfully done, but not over-done; the sense of achievement for the students to progress from some understanding of 'how to' to being able to 'can do' is very real; the audio elements of songs, ditties, sound effects, stories etc is lively, varied, and entertaining; the 'grammar bank' element for each unit builds up into a clear and concise reference section, and the accompanying extra practice exercises are helpful.

English Result seems a comprehensive, well-balanced, satisfying course. I have only used the Elementary level resource, but thus far I am very impressed, and would suggest teachers at least have a 'look see', to see what they might be missing.

My career in TEFL started some 30 years ago, but this is the first time I have felt prompted to flag up a resource. Congratulations...

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