The Life of a Tree

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Listening, Writing
Life cycles
Listening to a life story, Writing an 'autobiography'
The Life of a Tree -

This activity is based on one of the lessons in our book Pen Pictures 3 (Oxford University Press). In this version, the picture story has been made into a video to help insipire the students before they do the writing task.

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He descubierto hace unos días esta página, y la verdad es que resulta muy útil. No tengo muchas oportunidades de practicar inglés, y aquí he encontrado una manera de escuchar y acostumbrar mi oído a este idioma. En buena hora, y muchas gracias Hancock Mc Donald por esta oportunidad.

Great story! Very exotic music. A nice combination. Takes you in, makes you curious to listen, and takes you back to Hiroshima. Then you have a lot to write! Haluk
Mark Hancock's picture

Very observant, Haluk!!!

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