Sentence Search

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This is a pronunciation game focusing on sentence stress patterns. In particular, it aims to raise awareness that pronouns and possessives are not normally stressed. If your students stress them my mistake, the listener will look for a contrastive meaning.

The Word Blender

Puzzles - hancockmcdonald.com/materials/topic/puzzles

This is an activity to raise students' awareness of the way words are modified in connected speech. In particular, it focuses on the way consonant sounds are linked, elided or assimilated.

Mirror Crossword

Puzzles - hancockmcdonald.com/materials/topic/puzzles

This activity helps to make students more aware of the divergence of pronunciation and spelling in English. In order to do the crossword, they must be able to think of the word as a sequence of sounds rather than as a sequence of letters. More pronunciation ideas?

The Melon Maze

Puzzles - hancockmcdonald.com/materials/topic/puzzles

Students find a path from top left to bottom right. They may only pass through a hexagon if the word has stress on the first syllable. Notice that all the words are 2-syllable nouns. Some of them may be cognates in your students' L1, but the stress may be different! More pronunciation ideas?

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