The Melon Maze

A1, A2
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Pronunciation: stress in 2-syllable nouns
Stress in cognates
Finding a route through a maze
ELT Materials: The Melon Maze

Students find a path from top left to bottom right. They may only pass through a hexagon if the word has stress on the first syllable. Notice that all the words are 2-syllable nouns. Some of them may be cognates in your students' L1, but the stress may be different! More pronunciation ideas? See this article. Melon Maze was designed specifically with Spanish speaking learners in mind. There is a second version to download below called Football Maze which was designed with Portuguese speaking learners in mind.

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Hi I visited your course in Gothenburg two years ago and I use the Melon maze with my students. I cannot find the audio when YOU are reading it. It is possible to get that on this page? Best Regards Marie
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Hi Marie, thanks for your message. There is an audio file below the melon maze. Have you tried clicking on it? What happens when you do? I'm not sure if the audio files are working at the moment...
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Hi Marie It's the file above called audio of answer key. If you have problem playing it directly from the site, save it to your computer instead.

Oh, since 2019 I have been using your games and audios. In the begining I didn´t know about the audio, but I have found them. Thank you so much.
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You're welcome, Solange!

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