Level A2


Fruit Rhyme

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This is a rhyme designed to work over the melody of the French nursery rhyme Frère Jacques. The melody is represented by the position of the words on the musical stave.

Get Fit Rap

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This short video (see link below) is a rap. It features a high density of the vowel minimal pair in ship and sheep – namely, fit and feet, sit and seat, bit and beat and fill and feel. Note that the vowel in the first word in each pair is shorter, with the mouth muscles more relaxed.

Snakes and Ladders

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1. The game is played in small groups. Each group has a board and dice and each player has a counter, which they place on the START square.

Corner to Corner

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This activity is a free sample from PronPack 2: Pronunciation Puzzles. It can be very tricky to distinguish /s/ from /z/ at the end of a word. Try this maze to see if you can do it. If you find it hard, try two strategies:

Tongue Cats

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This activity is a free sample from PronPack 1: Pronunciation Workouts. It focuses on raising awareness of the role of the tongue, jaw and lips in forming the vowel sounds.

Air Traffic Control

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This activity is a free sample from PronPack 3: Pronunciation Pairworks. A minimal pair is a pair of words or phrases with identical pronunciation except for one phoneme.

The First Day

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The school was big, really big

I didn’t want to go

There were lots of kids, tall kids

Kids I didn’t know


I saw some friends from primary school

But only three or four

How many kids were in this school?

A thousand, maybe more!


PronPack 4: Pronunciation Poems

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Pronunciation poems are rhymes, chants, limericks, raps and song lyrics all written specifically to contain multiple examples of the target pronunciation features. The activities usually begin with an exercise completing or correcting the text and culminate in practising saying or chanting the text out loud.

PronPack 3: Pronunciation Pairworks

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Pronunciation pairworks are information-gap communication activities for students to do in pairs or small groups. Success in each activity depends upon the students accuracy in producing and understanding the target pronunciation feature.

PronPack 2: Pronunciation Puzzles

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Pronunciation puzzles are challenging game-like activities which students can do on their own, although they are fun to do in pairs or small groups. They include such puzzle types as mazes, sudoku, word searches and crosswords.


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