Mark's spelling maze 'o'

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Pronunciation of the letter 'o'
Mark's spelling maze 'o' -
A single letter 'o' typically has the same vowel sound as in the words 'top' and 'stop'. But there are plenty of exceptions. For example, look out for a 'magic e' later in the word, for example 'home'. Or if there's a 'y' or 'w' or an 'r' after the 'o'. Of if the 'o' is at the end of a word, for example 'go'. There are some dead ends in this game - words which may contain the 'TOP' sound for some speakers but not for all.
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Love these mazes! Perfect as a warmup for my pronunciation class. I did want to let you know, however, that there is a small typo in the "O" spelling maze. The directions tell users to go from TOP to SHOP, but in fact STOP seems to bee the finish line. Thanks again o much for these!

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