Level A1 materials

Materials - hancockmcdonald.com/materials/66
vocabulary - opposites
Predicting gap fills
Picture - hancockmcdonald.com/materials/topic/picture
A1 upwards
The vowel difference in hit v heat
Path finding game
Materials - hancockmcdonald.com/materials/32
A1 upwards
Pronunciation - stress patterns
verbs and pronouns
Finding sentences in a grid; chant
 - hancockmcdonald.com/node
A1 upwards
hard v heart - final devoicing
minimal pair discrimination
 - hancockmcdonald.com/node
A2 upwards
Pronunciation: unstressed final syllables
distinguishing similar sounding words
brazilian pronunciation
A1 upwards
Pronunciation: R and H minimal pairs
Street names
Pairwork: describing and finding locations on a map
ELT Materials: Ana's Bag
Grammar: past simple
Going out
Deducing from the evidence in a picture
ELT Materials: Nightmare Hotel
A1, A2
Pronunciation: past tense -ed
Using audio to pause and repeat
ELT Materials: The Melon Maze
A1, A2
Pronunciation: stress in 2-syllable nouns
Stress in cognates
Finding a route through a maze