Level B1

Hit or Heat Maze Puzzle

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This is a free sample activity from PronPack.

You can watch a video with Mark Hancock using this activity in class here.

Fruit Rhyme

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This is a rhyme designed to work over the melody of the French nursery rhyme Frère Jacques. The melody is represented by the position of the words on the musical stave.

Disappearing Sentence

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This simple activity always gets the class deeply involved in thinking about grammar in a colloborative and enjoyable way. It is based on an idea in Grammar Games by Mario Rinvolucri and has long been one of our favourites!

PronPack 4: Pronunciation Poems

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Pronunciation poems are rhymes, chants, limericks, raps and song lyrics all written specifically to contain multiple examples of the target pronunciation features. The activities usually begin with an exercise completing or correcting the text and culminate in practising saying or chanting the text out loud.

PronPack 3: Pronunciation Pairworks

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Pronunciation pairworks are information-gap communication activities for students to do in pairs or small groups. Success in each activity depends upon the students accuracy in producing and understanding the target pronunciation feature.

PronPack 2: Pronunciation Puzzles

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Pronunciation puzzles are challenging game-like activities which students can do on their own, although they are fun to do in pairs or small groups. They include such puzzle types as mazes, sudoku, word searches and crosswords.

PronPack 1: Pronunciation Workouts

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Pronunciation workouts are extended drills focusing on specific areas of English pronunciation. Think of them like the scales and other exercises which pianists use to improve their fingering technique. Or like a fitness workout which a gymnast might use to tone the muscles. But in the case of pronunciation, it’s the vocal articulators which are getting trained – the tongue, lips, jaw and vocal chords.

Prepare! Level 5 (Teacher's Book)

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The Prepare! Level 5 Teacher's Book provides teaching notes for the Student's Book, a general English course with comprehensive Cambridge English exam preparation integrated throughout.

University Life

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This is a sample lesson from Authentic Listening Resource Pack based on a video in which Alan interviews Maria and Ning about university life in their home countries, Russia and China.

Life on Mars

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This is an authentic listening activity based on a video recording of a 3-minute lecture. Swiss scientist Bechara Saab talks about the possibility of a colony on Mars.


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