Level B1

Prepare! Level 5 (Teacher's Book)

Prepare! Level 5 (Teacher's Book) by Annie Mcdonald

The Prepare! Level 5 Teacher's Book provides teaching notes for the Student's Book, a general English course with comprehensive Cambridge English exam preparation integrated throughout.

University Life

Authentic Listening Resource Pack by Mark Hancock and Annie McDonald

This is a sample lesson from Authentic Listening Resource Pack based on a video in which Alan interviews Maria and Ning about university life in their home countries, Russia and China.

Life on Mars

Image from Authentic Listening Resource Pack

This is an authentic listening activity based on a video recording of a 3-minute lecture. Swiss scientist Bechara Saab talks about the possibility of a colony on Mars.

Pronunciation for Listeners

Materials - hancockmcdonald.com/materials

This is a sample lesson from our book Authentic Listening Resource Pack (Delta Publishing). You will find the photocopiable lesson on PDF below, as well as the audio material as a downloadable mp3 file.

Authentic Listening Resource Pack

Authentic listening Resource Pack

Authentic Listening Resource Pack (Delta Publishing, Jan 2015) provides an invaluable bank of selected audio and video material offering authentic listening practice, essential in developing students’ listening skills in preparation for being exposed to “real” English.

Back Words

 - hancockmcdonald.com/node
Here's a nice little team game to raise awareness of how spelling and pronunciation differ. The teams have to reverse words such as 'main' to get 'name'.


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