The First Day

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Teaching point: 
Pronouncing past tenses
1st day at secondary school
Working with a poem
Materials -

The school was big, really big

I didn’t want to go

There were lots of kids, tall kids

Kids I didn’t know


I saw some friends from primary school

But only three or four

How many kids were in this school?

A thousand, maybe more!


They gave us all a timetable

And told us where to go

There were lots of different subjects

Some, I didn’t know


There were lots of different teachers

That was very strange

We didn’t stay in one room

Instead, we had to change


We went to different classrooms

All around the school

No running in the corridor

They told us was the rule


I felt afraid and worried

I felt excited too

Everything was wonderful

Everything was new

Use this poem to focus on the pronunciation of past tenses, and vocabulary relating to school:

Past tense: was, were, there was, there were, regular, irregular, negative, interrogative

Emotions: feelings, memories

Topic: First day at secondary school; Secondary compared to primary

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