The Parasol

Teaching point: 
Past simple
Finding errors
The Parasol -

This song is based on a painting by Francisco de Goya in the Prado Museum in Madrid. The lyric refers to Goya as 'he', the girl in the painting as 'you' and the singer himself as 'I'. It speculates as to why the boy stands holding the parasol for the girl. The activity on the worksheet involves finding one typing error in each line. The students may do this before or after listening. Ask them to identify the things described in the song in the painting itself. You may use the song as part of a session practising the past simple tense.

This song was written by Mark Hancock, and sung and produced by Craig Stevenson. It was published in Clearways 2 by CUP, now out of print.

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It's a rather interesting and informative kind of activity. First students will get aquainted with the painting by Goya, then they will listen to a nice song and at the end they'll do the task. So thanks a lot for your activity!

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