Wrong Lyrics 1

B1 upwards
Teaching point: 
Awareness of reasons for mishearing
Misheard song lyrics
Matching correct and misheard phrases
Wrong Lyrics 1 - hancockmcdonald.com/node/244/edit
This is a fun awareness-raising activity matching correct and misheard song lyrics based on a video - see below. There is also an audio-only version available to download.
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Superb! :-)

I like the activities and hope they will help my students understand English better

This exactly worked in my classes, made learners become aware of English orthography and enjoy the class as its one part. 10x a lot
Mark Hancock's picture

Glad to hear it, Adem!

I have been using your books for quite some time. I can't forgive myself for taking so long to discover this wonderful site. Great idea! Greetings from Lima, Peru
Mark Hancock's picture

I'm glad you've found it, Fernando. Thanks for your message!

One of my teachers showed me your site and I´m so glad she has! The material is exquisite! Thank you so much!!
Mark Hancock's picture

Glad you like it, Silvana!

I would love to get this materials to share with my trainees.

Great activity!

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