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Mark Hancock demonstrating pronunciation activities

This is a video showing clips from a presentation I did at Living Learning English in Bristol. Here are the teachers notes and material for the activities discussed in the video: the street grid map, Turn Words, Hexagon Maze, -ed endings poem. See below for a pdf collection of all of the games and activities which appear on the slides in the video.

Thanks to Theresa Blackmore for making the video and uploading it.

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Hi, I would really like to watch these videos. have you got them on any other site? YouTube is still blocked in Turkey :(. There are workarounds but they really slow down my browser. Hope you can help....
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Sorry you can't see it Kristina! I can't think what I can do for you - I don't even have a 'hard copy' myself...

Hi Mark, Assuming there are no complications to the ownership of the video, you could put the URL of the youtube video in here: and it should give you the option to download the video in various formats. MP4 would be the best for playing in a media player such as VLC. Then, of course, you'd have to post the video to a cloud service with a suitable link. NB: This might not be quite within the T&Cs of YouTube ...
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Thanks Nick!

Hello. I am sending a comment on the meaning of the arrows on the chart. I quote Underhill's book, Sound Foundations. "The stress and intonation symbols The primary and secondary stress symbols as used in most dictionaries are shown in the top right – hand corner of the chart, and beside them the five basic discourse intonation patterns (ie fall, rise, fall – rise, rise – fall and level) are shown in one composite symbol." Regards. Carlos.
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Many thanks for your clarification, Carlos!

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