Just published: 50 Tips for Teaching Pronunciation

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Friday, November 6, 2020 (All day)
Just published: 50 Tips for Teaching Pronunciation - hancockmcdonald.com/blog/just-published-50-tips-teaching-pronunciation

This new book outlines a complete approach and philosophy of pronunciation teaching, in the form of 50 very accessible two-page tips. More about it here, and a review of the book by Robin Walker here.


I want to get this book.

I am trying to find some activities to help my (adult) students with final consonant deletion. They are all from Asian countries and their various first languages do not have many final consonants so they tend to delete all final consonants, whether they are single or clusters - hence gold and goal become go. Do you have any suggestions other than drilling?
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Hi Judith! Try using the game on this page http://hancockmcdonald.com/materials/pronunciation-journey along with minimal pairs like the one you mentioned - go - goal; go - gold; goal - gold etc

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