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Modern English Teacher Vol 21 No 2

In the current issue of Modern English Teacher, http.//, there's a very informative, useful and convincing article by Sheila Thorn on 'Debunking Authentic Listening (MET Vol 21, No 2, pgs 65-69) in which she puts the case for using authentic listenings in the classroom.

Pronunciation as a listening skill: understanding authentic English (Sweden)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - 11:00 to Wednesday, August 15, 2012 - 11:15
Sweden (Gothenburg & Stockholm)
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Plus downloads
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Pronunciation is just as important for listening as for speaking. In this workshop, we looked at how to help learners to understand authentic English by focusing on pronunciation. Specifically, we looked at features of connected speech and accent. You can download the slides and handout for the talk below.

Blues Band

ELT thoughts, news and updates -
Want to know about a new blues band's first visit to Spain? Justin Coe tells us about the band, their music and reviews their recent concerts in Madrid and Barcelona.

Listeners Club

ELT Materials: Listeners Club
Here you will find two listening lessons based on the same snippets from an English Language Broadcast on the Spanish National Radio station.

Authentic Listening Step by Step

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Using authentic audio recordings

This article gives a step-by-guide for teachers who would like to use authentic audio recordings with B2-level students in the classroom. Along the way, it mentions the various challenges a non-expert listener might experience, and explains how we can devise confidence-building activities which address these problems.

The Life of a Tree

The Life of a Tree -

This activity is based on one of the lessons in our book Pen Pictures 3 (Oxford University Press). In this version, the picture story has been made into a video to help insipire the students before they do the writing task.

Internet Debate

ELT Materials: Internet Debate

In this activity, students read an article in favour of internet censorship. Then they prepare for a class debate for and against this kind of censorship. The activity is inpired by the debates in For and Against by L G Alexander (Longman 1969).

Under the Water

ELT Materials: Under The Water

This is a short mystery story in two parts. The questions challenge students to imagine or deduce what happened. The story was inspired by the Roald Dahl tale The Landlady, and I first wrote it for New Ways to Go 4 (CUP).

Body in the Gym

ELT Materials: Body in the Gym

This is a short murder story, with a note taking activity. The story is rich in past simple passive, and there is an extension activity to focus on this language point. There are audio downloads in case you want to make this into a listening activity rather than reading.

Helping Students Become More Effective Listeners

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 15:30
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Handouts and downloads
Talks -

In this workshop, we’ll analyse some of the challenges language learners face when listening to authentic texts. Then we’ll take a walk through a listening lesson, trying out and discussing the different types of tasks which ‘teach’ listening, and help learners aspiring to B2 level become more effective, confident and autonomous listeners.


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