Snakes and Ladders

A2 upwards
Teaching point: 
Present Perfect Simple and Continuous
Snakes and Ladders
Board Game
Materials -

1. The game is played in small groups. Each group has a board and dice and each player has a counter, which they place on the START square.

2. Players take turns to throw the dice, look at the number and move that number of squares in the direction of FINISH. The first player to reach FINISH will win.

3. If a player lands at the bottom of some ladders, they are in luck – they move to the top. However, if they land on the mouth of a snake they have to move back down to the bottom. There are also ‘miss a turn’ and ‘bonus turn’ squares.

4. If a player lands on a square with a sentence, she or he must put the verb in the best tense - present perfect simple or continous. If they get it wrong, they must go back to their previous square.

Key: 2 been learning; 4 finished; 5 been eating; 7 been; 9 been playing; 10 met; 12 written; 14 been looking; 17 rung; 19 been ringing; 20 rained; 23 been raining; 25 been playing; 29 played; 30 been playing; 32 walked

You can download a blank version of the game board below to make your own versions of this game. I first saw this game in Grammar Games by Mario Rinvolucri, CUP 1984.

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