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Saturday, September 28, 2013 - 13:30
IATEFL Pron SIG / Teachitworld "Ways of Pronunciation Teaching"
Bath, UK
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This talk was part of a day of pronunciation talks organized by the IATEFL PronSig in collaboration with the ELT website Teachitworld. In my talk, we took a playful approach to the teaching of pronunciation. We saw how the playfulness may lie one the one hand in the materials we use, as in the case of word-play, rhymes, chants and so on, and on the other hand, in the tasks we set up, as in the case of games and puzzles. We tried out a variety of activities which take a playful approach across all areas of pronunciation, from individual sounds to various aspects of supra-segmental phonology, to pronunciation for listening purposes. We looked at how teachers may take these ideas and adapt them for different teaching points and different groups of learners. See the slide show and handouts below. Finally, here are links to some of the materials demonstrated in the talk:

Minimal Pairs Map

Turn Words Game

Minimal Pairs Street Plan

Sound and Spelling Puzzles

Nightmare Hotel

Word Stress Maze

Sentence Search (includes weak pronouns poem)

Sol tum pepper game

Tonic Stress Game

Yes Today Mondegreen Song








Hello. I am a teacher from Buenos Aires who has discovered your articles on pronunciation on Iatefl magazine. I would like to have access to the information you delivered on the talk on pronunciation play. Unfortunately, I cannot attend your seminars because I live on the other side of the world. Can I buy it online? Cheers, Stella

Thanks for your message, Stella! I'll put the slides and handout for this talk up in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, look at the titles in the 'articles' section of this website and you'll find one on playful approaches to pronunciation...

Hello! I am a Chinese master degree students, now I'm working on my thesis about improve Chinese students 'English pronunciation. I have read you books,they are very help for my English pronunciation study.In my research I would like use your book named 'English Pronunciation in use' to be my materials to teaching English pronunciation. But my University ask me to get your permission that I can use this book in my research. So, can I get a permission mail from you that I can continue my research? I'm very grateful if I can get your permission !
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Yes, ok Xingxing Li. Please can you send us an email? Go to the tab labelled "Contact" at the head of the page...

You are so kindness. Thank you very much reply me. And I send my e-mail to the contact page already. I'm look forward to hearing from you.
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Hi Xing Xing The email I sent to you was returned - the email address wasn't accepted. Maybe you have another?

I already change my Email, hope can get your response soon. Thank you for you kindness.

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