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A 2-week course on teaching pronunciation

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Monday, July 4, 2016 (All day) to Friday, July 15, 2016 (All day)
A 2-week course on teaching pronunciation -

This course is aimed at teachers of English who wish to broaden their knowledge of the various issues involved in teaching pronunciation.

More information in the Talks section .

Pronpack Sound Chart explained

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Pronpack Sound Chart Infographic by Mark Hancock

This infographic gives a brief explanation of how the new Pronpack Sound Chart is organized. You can download colour or black and white versions below. Download versions of the actual chart/poster itself here:

1. The version with phonemes and guide words in colour or black and white.

Hot Topics in Prague

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Hot Topics in Prague -

The 4th International Conference on English Pronunciation: Issues & Practices (EPIP) was a three day event in Prague.

Pronunciation in Prague!

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Mark's Pronunciation Blog -

The 4th International Conference on English Pronunciation: Issues and Practices is being hosted by the Institute of Phonetics, Charles University, Prague, this weekend. This conference happens every two years, with previous venues including France, South Africa and Spain. See a programme for the event here.

Pronunciation at IATEFL 2015 - some reflections

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Pronunciation at IATEFL 2015 - some reflections -

I can’t remember ever having seen so many pronunciation-focused talks on an IATEFL programme as there were in Manchester this year. Too many to fit into a single PRONSIG strand day. What’s more, many of them were so over-subscribed that there wasn’t even space to sit on the floor, as I found out to my own disappointment. I did get to see a fair number, nevertheless.

Mark's chart explained on video

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Mark Hancock explaining his vowel sound chart on

See video below. Get printable copies of the chart here. See some discussion of the vowel chart here.

Marks Chart

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A new phonemic chart from Mark Hancock on

Here are the phonemic chart for vowels and consonants. See a video explanation of the vowels here. Click on the jpegs below for either the colour or black and white versions. If you prefer a version with no mention of alcoholic drinks, choose the files with ME at the end of the title.

Mark's Vowel Sound Chart

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Mark's Vowel Sound Chart -

Check out the full chart here. See a video here. I’ve been developing a new phonemic chart to use with my students.

Adam Brown: Pronunciation and Phonetics

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Adam Brown: Pronunciation and Phonetics

Follow the link to see my review of Adam Brown's Pronunciation and Phonetics in the ELT Journal. (I'm sorry to say that this item is now in the membership section of the ELTJ but you can read more in the Articles section.)

A grey-tie deer

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A grey-tie deer

Here's another phrasal homophone image to add to the collection. It's the homophone of 'A great idea!'.


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