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We're leaving for the Braz-Tesol conference today. The conference timetable is still not published, so we don't yet have any idea what to expect. What we do know is that there are 4 plenaries per day making a total of 12, which must be a record! On the download below, you can see the 'Week at a Glance', with the daily schedule and plenary speakers' names. We will try to see as many of the plenaries and workshops as possible and report back to you here. Watch this space!

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Was flicking through Linkedin and found you Annie - followed you to this blog.... great that you're going back to Rio! I can see much overlap with your stuff and mine at the moment - see my MA dissertation blog about media production, moving image and young learners ... ... have just put a phd proposal together ... trying n get a bursary ... have always thought that main stream ed has lots to learn from TEFL. Let's connect in a less public/worky way. Will let you know ref. phd thing and who knows I may need to come and interview you! Shelle XX
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Your blog is really fascinating, Michelle! We'll be in touch!

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