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Singing Grammar

Songs stick in the head. I once taught a song from this book in a class, as a substitute teacher in a school. I was next in that school a year later, and one of the kids saw me in the corridor and started singing it. Being memorable is such an important quality of any grammar teaching material. Add to that the pronunciation benefits, and it makes songs ideal for language teaching.

I wrote Singing Grammar as my second book, after Pronunciation Games. I got the idea after reading in David Crystal's Encylopedia of Language (CUP) about certain tunes which are common across many different cultures, such as the taunting melody known as the 'catcall'. I used this as the tune for the first song in the book, and then went on from there.

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Singing Grammar

Singing Grammar

There are 18 units in the book, each concerning a different aspect of grammar. For each unit, there are photocopiable pages - one for the song, one of practice exercises and one which is a game.

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Singing Grammar

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After having spent 8 years teaching English in Thailand and Mexico to young children, I was overjoyed when I discovered this teacher's gem. The songs are fun, clear and easy to sing. The book gives great grammar exercises for use alongside the songs. I cannot say enough good stuff about this book and its cassettes.



Hello, Thank you for this wonderfully written book. I've finally managed to find it on the Internet. Unfortunately, the book has no CD. Is there any chance to download the songs somewhere? Best wishes, Maya
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Hi Maya, Can you send me an email through the "contact" page about this? Mark

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