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English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate

I wrote English Pronunciation in Use in the years leading up to its first publication in 2003. I'd already published Pronunciation Games, but this was a more comprehensive work. The challenge included making all aspects of pronunciation accessible to learners in the In Use format: explanation page on the left, practice exercises on the right. Intermediate was added to its title when the sister volumes Elementary and Advanced came out (by Jonathan Marks and Martin Hewings, respectively).

This is the 2nd Edition of English Pronunciation in use and is a very extensively modified version, with many improvements. For example, I think the units on tonic stress are now much clearer. There is a whole new section on pronunciation for listening, including material on connected speech and accents, based on authentic audio.


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English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate

New 2017 cover for English Pronunciation in Use by Mark Hancock

In 2017 English Pronunciation in use got a new look. The new cover design comes along with a new approach to audio - instead of being on a set of four audio CDs and a CD-ROM, the audio is now a free online download. This makes the whole package much more affordable and is published alongside the 2012 second edition of this best-selling pronunciation title, already in full colour and with a new section on understanding fast, authentic speech.

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English Pronunciation in Use

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English Pronunciation in Use is a new addition to the In Use stable of books that began with the very successful English Grammar in Use. As with all books in the series, this book is designed to be used by the individual learner, & in this case with the intermediate & above learner. You may know the author Mark Hancock, through using his excellent Pronunciation Games.



This book has helped me a lot in teaching English pronunciation. All my students just loved it.

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