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New Ways to Go!

I wrote New Ways to Go in collaboration with Penny Ur, and for the first two levels, Ramon Ribé. My involvement began as author of the Workbooks, and then expanded to co-author of the Students' Books.

New Ways to Go was a course specifically for the Spanish secondary school sector. It was four books, one for each year of the curriculum. At the time of writing, the course description as prescribed by the ministry of education was going through a number of changes, which meant that we had to keep modifying the book to keep up with the changes. With each modification came a change of title, reaching a total of four:

Clearways (CUP 2000)

Way to Go! (CUP 2001)

New Ways to Go (CUP 2002)

Team Up (CUP & SM 2004)


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New Ways To Go 1-4

New Ways to Go!

New Ways to Go is a 4-level coursebook for Spanish secondary schools. Levels 1 and 2 were written by Penny Ur, Ramón Ribe and Mark Hancock.

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New Ways To Go: Books 1-4

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