PronPack: Pronunciation for Listening

Pronunciation for Listening

The newest additions to the PronPack family are the books in the Pronunciation for Listening series, which focus on pronunciation as a receptive skill. These books are user-friendly, with short, well-signposted chapters providing maximum accessibility for the busy teacher. The latest book Word Recognition for Listeners focuses on the way individual words sound in context, and conveniently links pronunciation to vocabulary. Meanwhile, the previously published companion volume Connected Speech for Listeners focuses on how words join together in the stream of speech and links pronunciation to grammar. Both books offer practical tips and lesson materials plus a range of support materials here on


Section A Practical tips

1 Teach spoken word recognition

2 Break the spell of the written form

3 Show how words are simplified in speech

4 Prepare learners for word variability

5 Highlight the structure of syllables

6 Know how to break words into syllables

7 Pay attention to word stress

8 Highlight stress patterns and variation

9 Raise awareness of weak syllables

10 Raise awareness of rhythm

11 Help learners to spot word boundaries

12 Encourage active listening

Section B Word recognition games

1 Open syllable maze

2 Cluster builders

3 Land of lost letters

4 Syllable tennis

5 Flipping Syllables

6 Crossverbs puzzle

7 Schwa riddles

8 Stepping stones

9 Syllable soup

10 Syllable spotting

11 Lost middles maze

12 Trictation

Section C Lexis for Listeners

1 Word endings er, or, ar, our, re

2 Word ending ate

3 Word endings ory, ary and ery

4 Word endings ic and ical

5 Word endings ant, ent, ance and ence

6 Verb beginnings a, co, su

7 Verb beginnings be, de, re, pre

8 Verb beginnings con, en, in

9 Noun ending ity

10 Noun ending ation

11 Noun endings ion and ian

12 Noun ending ture

13 Adjective endings able and ible

14 Adjective endings ious and ous

15 Adjective endings al and ile

16 Noun endings like ology and onomy

17 Adverb ending ly

18 Place name endings like ton and ham


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