New PronPack series now out on Amazon!

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New PronPack series now out on Amazon! -

PronPack is a set of four resource books to help teachers focus on English pronunciation in class. The books contain printable worksheets along with teacher’s notes explaining how to guide the students through each activity. Additionally, the ‘Flexi‘ notes throughout the books highlight ways you can adapt the material to work with different accents.

The most important reason to teach pronunciation is to help your students understand and be understood. As listeners, they need to learn how other speakers blend sounds into words and words into connected speech. As speakers, they need to modify their own accent of English to make it as widely intelligible as possible. Neither of these objectives requires them to precisely copy the accent of a native speaker. The aim is successful communication, not ‘correctness’.

The four books, each take a slightly different approach to pronunciation teaching. You can select the approach you prefer, or use the various books to complement one another. The handy ‘Goes well with…‘  feature gives some recommended activity combinations from across the complte PronPack collection.

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