Just published - PronPack for Brazilians!

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Just published - PronPack for Brazilians! - hancockmcdonald.com/blog/just-published-pronpack-brazilians

A new book has just joined the PronPack family. We welcome PronPack 6: Pronunciation of English for Brazilian Learners - more information about it here. This volume is packed with motivating puzzles, games and raps, and it's designed to focus on pronunciation issues which are specific to Brazilian learners of English - the kinds of problems which make it hard to distinguish pairs of words like: rat / hat; teas / cheese; piece / peas; cough / coffee; live / leave; Brad / bread, some / sung; thin / fin or Hal / how. If you teach learners from Brazil, this book is for you, and it's available in print from Amazon.com, and as an ebook from Kobo and Apple iBooks.

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