Post-ELF Pronunciation Teaching

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Friday, October 12, 2018 - 18:00
7th ELT Malta Conference
Intercontinental Malta, St George's Bay, St Julian's
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In this talk, I will aim to make some of the following points: 1. Not all pronunciation features are of equal importance for intelligibility. 2. The more common an accent variant, the more likely it is to be understood. 3. English has become a global lingua franca: “post-ELF” pronunciation teaching assimilates this fact. 4. Mutual intelligibility does not depend on accent homogeneity. 5. Productive and receptive pronunciation need not be symmetrical. 6. Model-driven pronunciation teaching is neither realistic nor desirable. 7. Nobody (or everybody) is a native-speaker of ELF. 8. There is a continuum from hyper-articulation to ease, and the former favours intelligibility. 9. Some iconic features of ‘native’ pronunciation are optional for intelligibility. 10. Accent prejudice exists and this has implications.



An enlightening and stimulating talk. Great stuff! Thanks, Mark
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Thanks Alan!

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