We presented at IATEFL Poland in Wroclaw, September 2012. We also attended many of the other presentations at the event - see our reports below. These reports are intended to let you know what was going on at the conference if you weren't able to attend yourself.

IATEFL Poland: Lucyna Wilinkiewicz-Gorniak on 21st Century Skills

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These changing times require educationalists to be constantly evolving. We need to embrace change and enjoy being flexible. In the classroom, this will almost inevitably mean a certain switch in power relations, since the students are likely to be in some ways more technology-savvy than the teacher, and so the flow of information will be opposite to what we normally suppose to be the case.

IATEFL Poland: Maria Heizer on learning from English in packaging, ads and slogans

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Can pedigree lion pamper kitekats? In adverts, brand names, slogans, strap lines – English is all around us in Poland, but we barely notice it or question what it means. Maria Heizner makes the point that this is a very rich resource, and that by focusing on it, learners can discover that they already know many English words without even realising it.

IATEFL Poland: Patrycja Grudzien-Dubiel on online reading and listening skills

IATEFL Poland: Patrycja Grudzien-Dubiel on online reading and listening skills - hancockmcdonald.com/blog/iatefl-poland-patrycja-grudzien-dubiel-online-reading-and-listening-skills

Patrycja Grudzien-Dubiel, who is studying for her PHD at the University of Warsaw, is researching  the effectiveness of online reading and listening activities as compared to their traditional equivalents.  This session described her experiences so far, including the results of a smaller pilot study.

IATEFL Poland: Creative teaching, creative learning by Carol Read (Plenary)

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Is Picasso’s version of the Velazquez painting “Las Meninas” merely a copy? No, it’s a creative reinvention! This is how Carol Read made her first point of the presentation: creativity never comes from thin air. So for Picasso, “Las Meninas” was an inspiration.


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