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Take a trip round the Map of Motivation. This is a tour designed specifically for English language teachers who find the whole conceptual area of motivation a bit diverse and difficult to hold in your head all at once. Just click on the movie below, and please give us any feedback that occurs to you, ideas for improvement and so on!

See also details of a talk about the map. For another version of this map which includes different classroom activities and materials, in a print-friendly format, see the Motivation Island slides.pdf on this page.



The map idea is just amazing, thank you so much for this. Thorough and concise, with the map concept very much to the point. Motivating :)
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Many thanks for this, Barbi. Glad you like it!

Very useful - love the map idea! re Motivation - no mention of Future Possible Selves? - see Dornyei's theory
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Hi Jill! I would locate that in the North East 'aspirations' corner. Wouldn't you agree?
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Also: this map is a thing in evolution. There's already a Version 2, and I suspect there will be more.
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Note the link above to a new print-friendly version of the map which includes different kinds of classroom tasks and materials.

Hi Mark Thanks for these useful materials. The map is amazing and touches all the important and key areas. Oya
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Many thanks for your comment, Oya!

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