Classroom Codeswitching

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Mark Hancock presenting in Poland

In this short video, Mark explains the reason for code-switching between Polish and English in an information gap activity. For more on this topic, see the article "Behind Classroom Code Switching: Layering and Language Choice in L2 Learner Interaction".

The text below shows the English version of the code-switched transcript at the beginning of the video.

A: Let’s see, who starts?

B: We have to find two differences, don’t we?

A: Yes. Well, I’ll start. Is your man wearing a hat?

B: Yes.

A: It’s the same. It’s your turn, come on.

B: How do you say ‘glasses’?

A: ‘Glasses’, I think. “glasses”

B: Is your man wearing glasses?

A: No. It’s different.

B: Do we have to write it down?

A: Nobody’s writing, no. Let’s see, what more?

B: How do you say ‘tie’?

A: I don’t know.

B: Well, is your man wearing atie’?

A: (laughing) No, two differences. We’ve finished.



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