BRAZ-TESOL: a talk on attitudes to technology among teachers and students

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“Changes in teachers’ profile affecting the use of technology” (Janaina Cardoso) Janaina presented demographic change in terms of the generational classification “Baby boomers” (pre-1965), “Generation X” (1965 – 1980), “Generation Y” (1981-1999) and “Generation Z” (2000-now). She made the point that Generation Y, previously researched as being today’s students, have now become today’s teachers. She profiles this generation, including positive features such as not being blindly obedient, being tech-savvy and being driven to find purpose and passion, and less positive features such as not focused/patient enough to read extensively. The implications of this changing demographic are that methodology needs to change to match, but unfortunately it has not. Technology use in class is too often regarded a good thing in itself, but it is not – it needs to be used alongside a coherent new methodology. It is not enough just to have and use available technology – teachers must also have knowledge and wisdom to use it appropriately and creatively. Janaina teaches a course in “The Use of Technology in ELT” at UERJ, a university in Rio.

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