BRAZ-TESOL: Proud to be communicating in English, Kathleen Bailey (Plenary)

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This plenary linked the conference theme Proud to be to the ultimate goals of language learning today. With images of well known bridges around the world, and drawing on expressions related to water (for example, don’t rock the boat and take the plunge), Kathy explained a comprehensive set of communication strategies.

Kathy presented a transcript of a student, Henry, (who by nature is a risk-taker) who had been set the task of asking the teacher for something he didn’t know the name of. The teacher did her level-best to be as unaccommodating as possible! Our task was to identify the various strategies had Henry used.

Kathy gave us the following link for a list of Communication Strategies, Well worth a visit to remind ourselves of how we can help students avoid finding themselves up a creek without a paddle, and be Proud to be communicating in English.

Henry, in case you’re wondering, eventually managed to get his hands on the coaster!

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