From Technology to the Human Touch: A Map of ELT

Event date: 
Friday, February 15, 2013 - 20:00
TESOL-Spain regional event
International School, Madrid
Talks -

A session to present and explain a concept map of current ELT. The idea is to show how the different ideas and acronyms relate to one another, so that we can keep the big picture in mind. We need to see both the wood and the trees! See a related article here.

Here are the other talks which will also be presented at the same TESOL regional event:

Nicole Alonge - Examining Questions - Challenging  Students to Critically Think

David Bradshaw - Getting Them Speaking.

Shawn Redwood - Using Songs to Stimulate Meaningful Conversation and Self-expression.

Noelia Villafañe - Integrating Technology in CLIL: The Sixth Sense.

Silvia Benitez and Mª Antonia Castro - We Were Once Teens.

Andrea Littlewood - Speak about It! Write about It! Personalisation at Primary. 

Tom Spain - Storytelling.


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