Teaching Listening with Authentic Texts

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Saturday, November 9, 2013 - 11:00
English UK
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In this talk we'll take a look at a variety of activities which could be used with a 51 second text to help learners become better listeners. See powerpoint slides below.



Dear Annie, I am writing to you say that I am extremely interested in teaching listening with authentic texts but have been unable to attend your talk on the subject. I have downloaded the pdf 'viking mice" talk but cannot find the accompanying notes. I have also looked for a recording of the talk on youtube but again without success. I would be extremely grateful if you could tell me where to find the notes and/or the recording. If a recording is not available, will you be repeating the talk in the London area in the near future? thank you in advance. Kind regards, John Batty
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Dear John, Many thanks for your email and interest in my talk. Regarding the texts, I tend to use one particular text in a talkto illustrate how tasks and activities can be exploited in a variety of different ways and with different texts. I've posted the audio script on this site, and hope that, by looking at this alongside the powerpoint, you'll have a clearer idea of what I was getting at. The 'Viking Mice' text itself, a very short snippet, was taken from a programme on Radio Bristol FM. You might also find my handout from TESOL-Spain 2013, and an article I wrote on the topic, 'Authentic Listening Step by Step', also available on the site, under talks and articles respectively. Finally, I haven't written up the talk in full yet, but thanks for nudging me! With very best wishes, Annie

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