Putting Motivation on the Map

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Saturday, November 15, 2014 - 16:15
TESOL France Colloquium
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Plus downloads
Putting Motivation on the Map - hancockmcdonald.com/talks/putting-motivation-map

What is motivation and what can we do in class to nurture it? In answer to the first question, I will present the various facets of motivation on a map with the four main corners being content, aspirations, learning and classroom. In answer to the second, we will try out some specific classroom ideas relating to each of the four corners. Participants will leave with a map which serves, on the one hand, as a reminder of the different aspects of motivation to keep in mind, and on the other, as an invitation to explore new motivational strategies. SPOILER ALERT: If you're planning to attend this talk, don't look at the downloads below until afterwards!

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