Pronunciation One to One

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 14:30
Living Learning English
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Pronunciation -

In one-to-one pronunciation teaching, we must assess what the individual student needs and find the best way of providing it. We can’t use a pre-determined syllabus or ‘set-piece’ pronunciation materials. Instead, we need to be flexible enough to negotiate and adapt both syllabus and methods.  For this, we need to keep three questions in mind:

  • Why does our student want or need to work on pronunciation?
  • What features of pronunciation might our negotiated syllabus include?
  • How can we present and practice these features in a lesson?

In this workshop, we will use these three questions as a framework for discussion, with the objective of developing a general overview of the area, plus specific strategies for dealing with issues that emerge.

See here for a collection of pronunciation materials, many of which are demonstrated in the talk.

See here for the misheard lyrics activity shown at the end of the talk.


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