Pronunciation: muscle, mind, meaning, memory

Event date: 
Saturday, February 23, 2019 - 09:30
English UK Scotland
Mackenzie School of English 71 Constitution Street Edinburgh EH6 7AF
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Plus downloads
English UK Scotland Conference

The slides for this presentation, as well as some Do-It-Yourself templates, can be downloaded below. See here for more about the PronPack books. Pronunciation straddles two domains: it is part language - like grammar or vocabulary, and part skill - like speaking or listening. This unique position makes pronunciation teaching interestingly varied – and potentially great fun too! In this workshop, I will demonstrate a range of different activities which show how varied it can be.

Other pronunciation-focussed presentions at the event include Gemma Archer of IATEFL PronSIG on target models, and Emma Cresswell on spelling patterns. There will also be 15 other speakers on a wide range of topics.


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