Pronouncing Meaning: rhythm and stress games

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Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 14:00
IATEFL Harrogate
Harrogate International Conference Centre, Queen's 5 (sesssion2.4)
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Pronouncing Meaning: rhythm and stress games -

This workshop is part of the IATEFL pronSIG day, session 2.4 (14:05 - 14:50). Rhythm and sentence stress are vital in creating meaning, yet they can be daunting and confusing for both teachers and students. In this workshop, I will present a simple pedagogical model of these aspects of pronunciation and I will demonstrate a number of game-like classroom tasks for awareness-raising and practice. After the presentation, you'll be able to get the handout and look at the slide show right here.



Thanks for sharing your ideas at TESOL ARABIA. I'm looking forward to reading your next work at IATEFL. I'm exploring the same topic. My students have problems with weak forms ( tend to stress every word in an utterance ). I CAN do it ( sounds like I CAN'T. One of my student said " I CAN use excel ) and I felt silly when I offered to help him. Another problem is intonation . When they speak in English they sound bored or uninterested . Mia
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Thanks Mia. Yes, I think unintentionally stressing a function word can easily lead to misunderstanding, so I want to explore what we can do about this.

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