A Map of ELT

Event date: 
Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 15:45
English UK North academic conference
Leeds, UK
Extra info: 
Includes handouts
 - hancockmcdonald.com/talks/focus/68

What’s your ELT footprint? This is one of the questions we will look into in “A Map of ELT” at the English UK North academic conference in Leeds on Saturday Oct 8th. After looking at the map and how it is organized, we’ll consider how it may be used for teacher reflection, critical awareness and for a ‘bigger picture’ perspective on topical issues in ELT. The map itself is a redesigned, improved version of the one presented in the closing plenary of TESOL Spain in March 2013. See an article based on that plenary here. See details of the Leeds conference and how to get there in the pdfs below. Find the Dogmas and Heresies game here. Find the actual new version of the map as a jpeg below.


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