Making Listening Memorable: Listening in chunks

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Sunday, March 13, 2016 - 10:15
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Listening in chunks

When it comes to ‘doing’ listening, many students feel they are starting from scratch rather than building on what they have already mastered. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the notion of ‘verbal stickiness’, and consider how we could exploit this phenomenon by focusing on various language patterns and using different activities to help students become more efficient and fluent listeners.



This is just what I need. No, this is just what learners need. Thanks very much

Many thanks Alex. Hope you and your students enjoy.

Thank you for your inspiring listening strategies. They are very useful and I'm putting them into practice with my students. I've enjoyed your conference at TESOL Vitoria very, very much.
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Hi Daniel, Thanks so much! Let me know how things go and if your students enjoy the activities, if you get the chance. BTW, if you look through the attachments accompanying both my talks on listening and Mark's on pron on our website, you might find more useful materials for your students.

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