Listening as a Constructive Process

Annie McDonald
Event date: 
Saturday, February 2, 2019 - 11:45
Universidad Pompei Fabra
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Listening as a Constructive Process

In this session we’ll be trying out several listening activities. They all serve to help raise our awareness to the listening processes we employ and, simultaneously, demonstrate ways we can make the fruits of listening activities available for classroom inspection and reflection. Having something tangible to work on with our students at the pre-, during- and post-listening stages (other than the answers to standard listening comprehension questions) can elevate the teaching of listening so students can begin to understand what this ‘invisible’ skill involves, the features of the language they have been listening to, some possible reasons for ‘slips of the ears’, and what they could do to increase their confidence and make progress.
Follow links below to access audios used to illustrate and exemplify listening tasks and language properties.


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