Increasing Motivation and Inspiring Effective Learning: Two birds, one stone

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Friday, March 11, 2011 - 14:15
34th TESOL-Spain National Convention
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Motivated students?

If you’re motivated to do something you value what you’re doing, and if you value what you’re doing you’re motivated – you’ll attend to the task at hand and be more likely to achieve success. In this presentation, we’ll briefly examine the nature of motivation alongside different aspects of courses we teach. We’ll also consider some techniques and approaches to language teaching which might simultaneously impact positively on an individual’s motivation, and help them become more effective language learners.

(I have also given variations of this talk at the following places and events: 2008 Brighton, Bournemouth, Dublín, Cork. Budapest, Madrid; 2009 Bari, Florence. Estonia: EATE Summer Seminar, Parnu; 2010 ACEIA Seville; Brasshouse Teaching and Learning Conference, Birmingham;  3rd International ELT conference, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus; Gaziantep University, Mersin University, Adana Cukurova University, Turkey; 2011 APAC ELT Convention, Barcelona).

Follow this link to see me giving a brief presentation on Motivation


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